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The Antbeater ECO is ridiculously easy to use!

Simply lift the bowl then add water

The Antbeater ECO bowl is manufactured from an eco-friendly natural bamboo composite fibre which is non-toxic, dishwasher safe and the non-skid base unit is made from a recycled, biodegradable plastic.

Not just your average pet bowl

The Antbeater ECO is jam packed with some awesome features which quite literally set it apart from any other bowls on the market…

Earth Friendly

Our bowl is made from a composite bamboo and rice husk by-product which means that it is super ‘bunny hugging’ earth friendly.


Our bowl material is a fully biodegradable human grade material that will decompose to compost if burred in your garden within a couple years.

Non Toxic

Our bowls are completely free from chemicals, plastics and metals which are so commonly found in most modern bowls.

Dishwasher Safe

Apart from our bamboo and rice husk material being an anti-bacterial human grade material it is also completely dishwasher safe!

We cater for all pet sizes!

The Antbeater ECO comes in 2 sizes:

Mini Paw for Kittens, Cats and Small to Medium sized Dogs and the Maxi Paw for Medium to Large Dogs

The Antbeater ECO. Jam packed with some amazing features!

The next level in ECO pet accessories.

It’s no coincidence that the Antbeater ECO has some amazing features that makes it the perfect All-in-One pet feeding solution. We spent over 3 years in research and development to ensure the your pet gets the best in design and materials that it deserves. The ergonomic design also ensures that it will not look out of place in today’s modern home.

New addition to the range.. our Stand alone ECO bowls!

We have now included the Stand Alone ECO bowls to our range for anyone that does not have any ant issues, would like an ECO water bowl or would simply like to have an extra bowl handy whilst the other is in the dishwasher. The bowls are standard size and fit the Antbeater ECO stands.

Great Packaging

Our recycled packaging tells our story and is jam packed with interesting information.

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Choose your favourite bowl.

The Antbeater ECO and Stand Alone ECO bowls will be a welcome addition to your home.

Antbeater ECO – Maxi Paw

Antbeater ECO – Mini Paw

ECO Maxi Paw

ECO – Mini Paw

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